Friday, November 20, 2015

Mid-Month Confessions ~ November 2015


  • I live and die by bullet points. #dramaticmuch #sorrynotsorry


  • I am annoyed at myself for using hashtags as if they are a part of a normal sentence.  Yet, I cannot stop. #sorrynotsorry again.  Ugh.

  • Part 1:  We are currently rocking Finley to sleep.  Hoping we don't live to regret it...especially since how is she going to fall asleep at daycare?!?

"Rock me, Mama!"

  • Part 2: I sing her a few lullabies while we rock and then I play a Spotify playlist I made just for such occasions.  I was inspired by the aptly named playlist I found, "Lullaby Music That Helps the Baby Sleep but Doesn't Make Me Homicidal".  I think the creator and I are kindred spirits.
  • Part 3: I'm drawn to acoustic versions of love songs.  Imagine my delight when I realize the lyrics of a love song can dually apply to your significant other AND your child.  Awww.  #motherhood
  • I'm an anxious mess about having to go back to work and leave Finley.  That's all I can say about it without going into hysterics.
    Oh how I will miss that face!
  • I want to try blogging for real, but I have a hard time doing (and sharing) something unless I think I'm going to be "good" at it.  I have a difficult time letting go of those expectations that NO ONE but I have put on myself.  I'm also scared to share my words with people I know in real life.  People I don't know personally?  Read away.  People who I may come face-to-face with?  A different story.  I think it's that I'm concerned they'll think blogging is stupid and OF COURSE I absolutely care what others think of me. #peoplepleaser 
  • I love reading Elizabeth's blog Teaching Sam and Scout.  She's also a teacher and keeps it completely real, hence this link-up.  I just feel like I can really relate to her and that is what blogging is all about.  I'm also hoping I don't have too many grammatical errors and run-on sentences since she is an English teacher :)

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